Looking for simple systems to organise your business, bookkeeping and life?


My car is 13 years old.I own it outright and it costs me very little to run.It suits my needs perfectly and it continues to get me from A to B with very little resistance.Of course, it no longer has…

With six folders and a 3-step process you can reduce email-inbox-overwhelm once and for all!

My issue with these little stacks of goodness is they prolong the process of recording the thought in the 'right spot'.

It was a Saturday morning and forecast to be the coldest day of winter when I go the text message from Powercor advising me that the power was out and unlikely to be restored for three hours. Bummer. OK, no…

My phone had a mild stroke recently.  It's now paralysed all the way down the right-hand side of the screen with limited capacity to do what I need it to do.  I need to take time out of my day,…

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